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Discovering Your Core Values for Meaningful Work and Career

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

As young professionals abroad, it's common to seek meaningful work that aligns with your authentic selves. One crucial aspect of this journey is understanding your core values across cultures.

Values are not just ideals you aspire to; they are who you are in your live, right now.

They serve as a compass, pointing you in the direction of your true selves and guiding you toward a fulfilling life and career.

How Values Impact Your Life and Work?

1. Reflection in Daily Life: Your core values often find expression in your daily lives. They may not always be obvious, but they become particularly clear during moments of stress, crises, and important decision-making. Think about an annoying meeting at work, a career transition or a conflict in your team.

2. The Power of Honouring Values: When you honour your values on a regular and consistent basis, life and work feels fulfilling. Your values provide the foundation for making critical decisions and navigating the complexities of your careers.

3. The Consequences of Misalignment: Conversely, when you stray from your values, you may experience frustration, anger, or a sense of purposelessness. These emotions are signals that you are out of integrity with yourself.

How can you discover your core values in work?

1. Individual Reflection: Take a moment to reflect on your core values. Write down your top three values that you believe define who you are at work.

2. Uncovering Your Values: If you're struggling to identify your core values, consider the following questions and record your answers:

- Moments of Authenticity: Think about experiences or moments in your life and work where you felt most true to yourself. What values were you honouring during those times?

- Fulfillment Requirements: What are the non-negotiable elements that must be present in your work for you to feel fulfilled?

- Obsessive Behaviors: Take a moment to ponder any recurring patterns or behaviors in your life and work. For example, are you someone who takes ownership no matter what, or do you have a tendency to control discussions? These patterns can shed light on your core values.

Understanding your core values is a vital step towards finding meaningful work that resonates with your true self. It will help you make informed career choices, engage in work that aligns with your beliefs, and ultimately lead a more satisfying and purpose-driven professional life.

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