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What happens when you move from the comfort zone to the learning zone while living abroad?

Before you move abroad, you feel pretty comfortable in your current environment:

  • you know the culture, the language

  • you don't question everyday routines and interactions: we've always done it this way, why should we change?

The Comfort Zone gives you a sense of security and stability. BUT are you missing out on life?

It is difficult to develop and grow when there are no challenges or when the problems are always the same.

Because to remain stuck in a familiar bad situation is just as much as to remain stuck in a comfort zone.

Then you move abroad

You may face new challenges, including language barriers, cultural differences, and integration

everything is new: a simple shopping trip or a walk in a new environment can bring new learning experiences

This period is an opportunity for personal and spiritual development.

Give yourself and your loved ones enough time to digest the changes. Be curious, ask questions, take risks. ow is the right time!

Ouch! Culture shock... difficulties

When the challenges of living abroad overwhelm us, we are more likely to panic.

This can happen when you experience:

👉 extreme culture shock,

👉 you have difficulty communicating effectively,

👉 or encounter unexpected challenges in daily life.

Being in the Panic Zone can lead to stress, anxiety, and demotivation. 😓


You don't have to experience moving abroad as a failure!

With sufficient help from your family, friends, or a professional, you can not only get through this time but get back into the learning zone!

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