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Are You Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Own Success?

We all face "sabotaging thoughts" at some point—those inner critics that hinder our progress, lower our self-confidence, and impact our well-being. The first step to break these thoughts is to acknowledge and recognize them instead of sweeping them under the rug.

Feeling the Rush: "I need to do it all now"

Are you familiar with the feeling of hurry sickness, where you constantly fear missing out? Go to that expat event, apply for 80 jobs abroad, chase the authorities for the right papers, your friends back home want to visit. You have to get your life all together NOW.

Seek Meaning, Not Adrenaline: "I am content with what I have and I appreciate it"

Shift your mindset from seeking more and more to valuing quality. Focus on nurturing meaningful friendships, relationships, and life itself. Slow down, savour moments, and find joy in authentic connections. Perhaps having one or two friends abroad is sufficient; you may not need to establish everything within the first year. Allow yourself to pause and truly relish the present moment.

The Perfection Trap: "I need to do it right or not at all"

How many times have you decided to start the right language course and practice every day? And how many times have you succeeded or kept up with your perfect plan? Striving for perfection can actually hinder your growth and learning. It often leads to anxiety because you're so concerned about making the right choices and doing everything perfectly, which ends up draining your energy.

Try this instead! "Done is better than perfect! Good enough!"

But what if you simply started? Taking step by step, sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding, but consistently taking action. Remember, it's better to complete something imperfectly than to remain stuck in an endless cycle of striving for perfection. "Done is better than perfect." Give yourself space to learn, grow, and make progress.

Are you trapped by self-sabotaging beliefs that control your days? Don't hesitate to seek help and rewrite your own story!

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