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Why Should You Invest in Coaching and Personal Development from a Young Age?

Starting with a personal story... I have participated in numerous courses and training sessions over the past two years. When I first entered the virtual room, I was surprised to find that I am the youngest one here by a good 20 years. Then, during the coaching practice, I found myself facing the fact that my peers are all in their 40s, 50s, or even in their 60s.

Innocently, I asked myself the question, why do many people start exploring self-awareness and personal development so late in life when it is a lot easier to change paths in a young age, at the age when our decisions can carry the weight of an entire lifetime.

While many agree with my statement, young people often struggle with how to fit into current society, either by following family patterns or going against them. Few dare to pause and invest time, energy, and resources to explore their unique path at a young age.

Yet, how many say that if there had been someone to help them find their way, their vocation, values, and strengths when moving abroad, they wouldn't have had to reinvent their lives 20 years later.

Coaching supports university students and young professionals to navigate the complexity of today’s life. During coaching sessions, they discover who they are, what they want to achieve in life, and what they need to do to get there.

What family, societal, and social expectations do they need to leave behind to step into their path?

They explore their professional and personal strengths, core values, and the impact they want to have on their surroundings. They learn to set boundaries and say no at a young age.

And what's the result?

A career and a private life that truly suits them. Coaching saves them years of their lives and helps them make decisions that reflect their abilities, strengths, and desires, instead of living someone else's life.

If you also want to live a conscious life from a young age and discover your path, feel free to seek an online coaching program.

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