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As a dedicated coach, my mission is to help young professionals and others to navigate their life decisions and values. My coaching sessions are priced at just € 80 per session*. This is what you can expect when you invest in my coaching services:

  • Tailored Approach: Before our first coaching session, I will conduct an individual needs assessment to understand your specific focus areas, to ensure that our coaching journey aligns with your values and goals.

  • Continuous Support: Throughout our coaching agreement, you will have access to my support via Email and WhatsApp, allowing you to seek guidance and encouragement when you need it.

  • Comprehensive Resources: To enhance your progress and accountability, I provide preparation forms, take-away sheets, and various resources that will assist you in your coaching journey.

Please also take a look at my tailored coaching programs designed to address specific needs in a range of relevant topics here!

Let's start this exciting adventure together!

* Within the EU prices are excluding VAT. Clients outside the EU are exempt from VAT. 

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