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Vera Vigh

Expat Psychologist & Career Coach
What I do

My mission is to guide you in navigating your life abroad, to help you thrive in your new country and culture. As an Expat Psychologist and Career Coach and an international myself, I offer specialized help to my clients in the areas of job seeking or careers abroad, overcoming isolation and loneliness, and dealing with culture shock and anxiety. Is this you? Then get in touch for a free inquiry chat.

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Who I am

My name is Vera. I am an Expat Psychologist and Career Coach and an international, probably just like you! I come from Hungary, but lived in The Netherlands for the past five years, and I have currently moved to  Valencia, Spain.


Finding work and a career abroad

Job seeking, career planning, career transitions, career advice, and other career decisions.


Overcoming isolation 
and loneliness

Finding friends, becoming part of a community, maintaining contact with friends and family 


 Culture shock, stress and anxiety

Being aware and overcoming of the different stages of culture shock, dealing with stress and anxiety


For companies and organizations

Workshops and trainings on cultural diversity, inclusion and international employment

Free Guide on Stress Free Living Abroad

Learn how to overcome stress in three steps and embrace your international adventure

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Vera helped me understand my values and define them. Through the coaching experience, I have understood more about my actions and thoughts and how to move forward more calmly and confidently amid uncertainty.

Eliza, Latvia

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